Locally Hosted Classes

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Current stats:

63 days of open source class materials

29 classes (13 with videos)

24 instructors

Beginner Classes:

  1. Android Forensics & Security Testing

  1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)® Common Body of Knowledge (CBK)® Review

  1. Hacking Techniques and Intrusion Detection

  1. Introductory Intel x86-64: Architecture, Assembly, Applications, & Alliteration

  1. Introduction to Cellular Security

  1. Introduction to Network Forensics

  1. Introduction to Secure Coding

  1. Introduction to Vulnerability Assessment

  1. Pcap Analysis & Network Hunting

  1. Secure Code Review

  1. Smart Cards

  1. Understanding Cryptology: Core Concepts

  1. Understanding Cryptology: Cryptanalysis

Intermediate Classes:

Advanced Classes:

  1. Advanced x86: Virtualization with Intel VT-x

  1. Advanced x86: Introduction to BIOS & SMM

  1. The Adventures of a Keystroke: An in-depth look into keylogging on Windows