Understanding Cryptology:

Core Concepts

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Creator:     Dr. Kerry McKay

License:    Creative Commons: Attribution, Share-Alike


Class Prerequisites: Basic understanding of computer and network security.

Lab Requirements: No labs

Class Textbook: “Understanding Cryptography: A Textbook for Students and Practitioners” by Paar and Pelzl (ISBN 978-3642041006) (additional free crypto class videos available at their page crypto-textbook.com)

Recommended Class Duration: 1.5 - 2 days

Creator Available to Teach In-Person Classes: No

Author Comments:

This is an introduction to cryptology with a focus on applied cryptology. It was designed to be accessible to a wide audience, and therefore does not include a rigorous mathematical foundation (this will be covered in later classes). The class format is lecture and discussion. This class covers the following at a high level:

* Intro to cryptology, cryptography, cryptanalysis

* Overview of cryptography

* Symmetric cryptography

* Asymmetric cryptography

* Protocols

* Overview of adversary capabilities

* Overview of types of attacks

* Case studies of real attacks on real systems

* Standards

Knowledge of this material will be a prerequisite for a future cryptanalysis class

Author Biography: Kerry doesn't like talking about herself, but she does love crypto. She has a doctorate in computer science from GWU, where she was a Scholarship for Service (aka CyberCorps) student, and a BS and MS in computer science from WPI.

Class Materials

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Revision History:

06-02-2013 - Initial class content upload

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