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Vulnerability Assessment

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Creators:    Dr. Steve Gosnell, Nate Adams, Jose Cintron, Chriss Koch

License:    Creative Commons: Attribution, Share-Alike


Class Prerequisites: None

Lab Requirements:

- BackTrack Linux VM for familiarization

- Windows VM machine with WebGoat, Nessus, Nmap, Wireshark, and TamperData plugin for Firefox

- Various VM as targets (will be specified in more detail in the future)

Class Textbook: None

Recommended Class Duration: 3 days

Creators Available to Teach In-Person Classes: Yes

Author Comments:

This is a lecture and lab based class giving an introduction to vulnerability assessment of some common common computing technologies.  Instructor-led lab exercises are used to demonstrate specific tools and technologies.

Course Objectives are

- Learning a general methodology for conducting assessments

- Scanning and mapping network topology

- Identifying listening ports/services on hosts

- Fingerprinting operating systems remotely

- Conducting automated vulnerability scans

- Auditing router, switch, and firewall security

- Auditing UNIX and Windows configuration and security

- Performing Web application and associated database security assessments

This class will serve as a prerequisite for later class on vulnerability assessment which dive deeper into specific areas such as Windows VA or web application VA.

Class Materials

(OpenOffice-formatted slides coming soon)

All slides (.zip of .pptx, 474 slides)
All slides (.zip of .pdf, 474 slides)

D1S1_VA_Course_Intro_2012 (40 slides)
D1S2_VA_Terms_Methods_Prep_Obstacles_Pitfalls_2012 (27 slides)
D1S3_VA_Findings_Reports_2012 (16 slides)
D1S4_VA-Tools_2012 (76 slides)
D1S5_VA_Unix_Security_2012 (59 slides)
D2S1_VA_Windows_Security_2012 (23 slides)
D2S2_VA_Network_Security_2012 (126 slides)
D3S1_VA_Applications_Vulnerability_Assessment_2012 (38 slides)
D3S2_VA_Database_Vulnerability_Assessment_2012 (29 slides)
D3S3_VA_Security_Best_Practices_2012 (40 slides)

Revision History:

07-07-2012 - Initial class content upload

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