Offensive, Defensive, and Forensic Techniques for Determining Web User Identity

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Creator:     Zachary Zebrowski

License:    Creative Commons: Attribution, Share-Alike


Lab Requirements: Access to the internet, a web browser.  Author written tools available at

Recommended Class Duration: 1 day

Creator Available to Teach In-Person Classes: Yes

Author Comments:

This course looks at web users from a few different perspectives.  First, we look at identifying techniques to determine web user identities from a server perspective.  Second, we will look at obfuscating techniques from a user whom seeks to be anonymous.  Finally, we look at forensic techniques, which, when given a hard drive or similar media, we identify users who accessed that server. 

To submit any suggestions, corrections, or explanations of things I didn't know the reasons for, please email me at the address above.

All Materials (.zip of pptx(126 slides))
All Materials (.zip of odp(126 slides))
All Materials (.zip of pdf(126 slides))

Slides Part 1 (Offensive, 48 slides)
Slides Part 2 (Defensive, 45 slides)
Slides Part 3 (Forensics, 33 slides)

Full quality downloadable/torrentable QuickTime, h.264, and Ogg videos at

Part 1 (4:16, 37 MB) - Introduction

Part 2 (10:02, 92 MB) - Characteristics of Internet Connections

Part 3 (17:49, 156 MB) - Offensive - IP Geolocation

Part 4 (31:20, 254 MB) - Offensive - Browser Identification

Part 5 (5:51, 52 MB) - Defensive - Borrowing Wifi Connections

Part 6 (19:39, 146 MB) - Defensive - Shell & Cloud Accounts

Part 7 (24:07, 177 MB) - Defensive - Anonymizers

Part 8 (5:16, 46 MB) - Defensive - Web Browser Privacy Modes

Part 9 (11:54, 101 MB) - Defensive - Email Origin Obfuscation

Part 10 (16:13,129 MB) - Offensive/Defensive - Other Web Browser Attacks/Defenses

Part 11 (33:24, 257 MB) - Forensic: Database Analysis

Part 12 (15:01, 107 MB) - Forensic: Log Analysis

(3:04:52 total, sans lab time)

Revision History:

08-18-2013 - Videos from April 2013 class uploaded

01-07-2012 - Initial class content upload

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