Capture The Flag Forensics

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Creator:     Jim Irving

License:    Creative Commons: Attribution, Share-Alike


Lab requirements:

-Linux machine with access to the internet (must be ok for capturing data from!)

-Windows machine with Netwitness Investigator Free installed and registered

-SANS SIFT 2.0 virtual machine

Class Textbook: None

Recommended class duration: 1 day

Creator Available to Teach In-Person Classes: Yes

Author comments:

This class deals with preparing students to participate in a CTF, specifically focusing on host based and network based forensic capabilities.  The material details the preparation of a virtual machine to be used for the CTF and the configuration of several tools.  Additionally, there are several exercises meant to familiarize students with the tools described.


-Using Netwitness Investigator Free to analyze a PCAP file.

-Using Snort to write packet filters.

-Using PTK to carve files from, and create file modification timelines of disk images.

-Using various disk imaging tools to create forensic images of disks and physical memory.

-Analyzing physical memory images with Volatility.


Revision History:

06-14-2011 - Initial class content upload

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