CISSP® CBK® Review:

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning Domain

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Key Area of Knowledge

-        Terms, Definition, and Concept associated with Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

·         Business Continuity Life Cycle

-        Phase I: Project Management & Initiation of BCP

·         Establish Business Needs for BCP

·         Define Project Work Plan

-        Phase II: Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

·         Purpose of BIA

·         Procedure to perform BIA

-        Phase III: Recovery Strategy

·         Define “Disaster”

·         Procedure for developing recovery strategies

·         Elements of recovery strategies: Business, Facility & Supply, User, Technical, and Data.

-        Phase IV: Plan Design & Development

·         Procedures for developing the BCP

-        Phase V: Implementation

·         Business Continuity Life Cycle

-        Phase VI: Testing

·         Type of Tests

-        Phase VII: Maintenance, Awareness, & Training

·         BCP Awareness and Training


Class Material

-        Presentation (65 pages) (pptx, pdf)

-        Post-Class Quiz (9 pages) (pdf)

-        Answers to Post-Class Quiz (9 pages) (pdf)

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